January 2012

Alfa Romeo’s record UK sales

Car Dealer magazine are reporting that Alfa Romeo’s 2011 registration figures were the highest since 2002 with 11,563 cars registered. This sees their market share rise by 30.8 per cent.
Alfa Romeo attributed the success down to the latest product line-up and improving dealer network  in the top 10 for the J.D. Power UK customer satisfaction survey. Alfa went on to add the success of their highly competitive finance/incentive offers as being another major factor boosting the overall performance.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta cross dresses as the Dodge Dart

USA Today have been revealing details of what the Dodge designers have done to the once "lovely" Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

The design sees the Giulietta washed down with some bland American touches but brings small capacity engines high technology engines to the US market.