August 2012

4c's big brother - Alfa builds a true 3-series rival

Autocar are reporting Alfa Romeo still remains Fiat Group boss Sergio Marchionne pet project as further details of the Giulia are revealed ahead of styling and packaging selection ready for a 2014 launch.

The Giulia will be the first car launched in theall-new line up revival plan. The saloon, plus the mid-engined 4C sports car start delivery in 2014 followed by the mx5 based Spider in 2015

4c spider - delays, and no factory yet...

UK motoring magazine Autocar are reporting the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car will spawn a convertible version following on a year after the coupés launch.

They go on to suggest the coupe will be launched mid 2013 but deliveries now expected to be early 2014 - a delay on previous information.

They specify the car as having Aluminium subframes bolted to a central  carbon-fibre tub and interestingly body panels made from sheet moulded composites. The design of the coupe means very little additional weight for the drop top and identical performance.