UK gets right hand drive 4c's

Finally confirmation for the UK market and right hand drive versions.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

AR/002/13: Alfa Romeo 4C wins its first award

To All Alfa Romeo Dealer Principals, Sales Managers and Sales staff

Dear Colleague,
We are extremely excited to announce that the eagerly awaited Alfa 4C has been
voted the most exciting car for 2013 by the What Car? readership.
The beautiful mid-engined sportscar beat the competition to pick up the What Car?
Reader Award last night at the publication’s prestigious Car of the Year Awards
Visitors to, a site that receives upwards of three million views a month, were asked to vote on what car they believed would be the most exciting launch of 2013.
Rival nominees included the BMW i3, McLaren P1 and Mercedes-Benz CLA.
Commenting on the result, What Car? said: “The readers of have gone
for glamour when nominating the car they’re most excited by in 2013. The Alfa
Romeo 4C has the potential to not only look beautiful, but be great to drive too.”
The news is clearly fantastic for the brand as clearly the 4C not only represents a halo model for the range but also shares many technologies available on the MiTo
and Giulietta.
We would also like to take this opportunity to officially confirm that the Alfa 4C will be built in right hand drive and will be very true (with the exception of the interior) to the
concept and will achieve that all important target weight of circa 900kg. Something
we know you and your customers will be very happy to hear.

In a separate conversation with an Essex based alfa dealer we were told production starts May with only 150 RHD allocated to the UK at the moment. Total production this year circa 2500.

He was also suggesting it will start from £35,000 which seems lower than originally suggested - £250 deposit gets you on the waiting list. He has 15 orders on the books already....

Gentlemen - start your cheque books !