The Car

Buoyed on by the success of the 8c Alfa Romeo further stunned the world when they showed the 4c concept car in Geneva. Much of the specification is to be confirmed but we were teased with the promise of mid-engined sports coupe with “at least 200bhp”, 155mph top speed and a 5sec sprint to 60mph.

The design is the work of Alfa Romeo's own Centro Stile studio echoing inspirations from their back catalogue with elements of the Montreal (1970-77), TZ (1963-67) and the stunning 33 Stradale(1967-71).
Looks are not just skin deep so Alfa Romeo paid a visit to the prestigious racing outfit Dallara for help with a carbon and Aluminium chassis.

They have promised the car will be launched in 2012 providing an inspired drive showcasing the best technology currently on offer with a double clutch gearbox and the DNA switch to change the throttle, steering and suspension settings.

The original Geneva show car was painted in a matt Red which is not very well picked up by cameras. To address the colour criticisms Alfa Romeo repainted the car for the Frankfurt international motorshow.

Alfa Romeo have high hopes for the 4c using it for the brands reintroduction to the USA.  I have even higher hopes – ownership......